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Fuse Service is a Unique Licensed Contractor in Bay Area


Did you know that Fuse Service is a unique licensed contractor in Bay Area?

You may be wondering why we show you our guys. Well, first of all, because they are pretty. And second, it is because each of them represents a division in Fuse Service for which we have a license.

Not to brag or anything, but we have to say that we are a unique licensed contractor in Bay Area. Because only Fuse has not one, not two, but four licenses:

  • HVAC C20 License;
  • Electrical C10 License;
  • Refrigeration C38 License;
  • Plumbing C36 License.
That means that you won't need to call a ton of different companies for your house improvements. We can install anything that you need! More so, we complete the most complicated and projects for our customers. With all our licenses we can make your home as sustainable and modern as it gets! You get the solar panels to generate electricity, a heat pump HVAC system that runs on it and warms your house alongside with heat pump water heater to give you nice hot showers. Did you know you can also get rebates for all of this magnificence? Guess what — our rebate division can help with that, too. Contact us at (408) 721-2530 or drop an email at support@fuseservice.com and we will happily answer all your questions.