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Heat Pump and Air Handler Installation in San Jose, California

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Our qualified technicians performed a heat pump with air handler installation in San Jose, California. The customer previously had and air conditioner and a gas furnace in their house. They decided to replace them as well as insulate the attic and remove the asbestos from their home.

How Do You Complete a Heat Pump and Air Handler Installation?

First, our technicians dismounted, hauled away and recycled the old system. Then they installed a new system according to the building standards. During this project we served:
  • Carrier 38MAR HEAT PUMP Variable Speed ULTRA Quiet operation 3 TON Outdoor Unit;
  • Сarrier FV4CNF003L00 FV4 Performance Series Fan Coil with ECM Motor;
  • Ductwork Package - 8 vents + 1 return vent;
  • Controls and accessories.

Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this heat pump with air handler installation, besides, Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.