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Mitsubishi S Series HVAC System Installation in Mountain View, California

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Our licensed technicians performed a Mitsubishi S Series HVAC system installation in Mountain View, California. The main goal of the client was to replace the old heat pump, as well as install a new furnace. To meet the needs our techs suggested a Mitsubishi S Series. It is a slim and compact unit housing INVERTER-driven compressor, featuring quiet operation. Also, this model provides the full zone control on the house.

How Do You Perform a Mitsubishi S Series HVAC System Installation?

Before the job our specialists had to pull the permits for the furnace installation. After successfully obtaining all the papers, they could start the work. During this project Fuse delivered:
  • Mitsubishi S Series Outdoor unit — PUMY-P48NKMU3;
  • Mitsubishi S Series Indoor unit — Multi-Position Air Handler PVFY-P48NAMU-E1;
  • Controls and Accessories — Mitsubishi Wireless Programmable RedLINK Thermostat & Receiver Kit;
  • Mitsubishi Kumo cloud Wi-Fi module.
Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this Mitsubishi S Series HVAC System Installation Besides, Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.