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Video: Mitsubishi Heat Pump Install. You Can Get a Heat Pump Rebate for It

Installations & Repairs
Our qualified technicians did a Mitsubishi heat pump system installation. Did you know that for this type of installation you can get a heat pump rebate? Yes, that is right — you can make your house more sustainable and get a handsome amount of money. Watch this video of the installation process done by FUSE technicians from the unpacking till the very end.

Just how pretty and shiny this HVAC system is! Want one for yourself? Our qualified and skilled technicians can help. They will run an estimate first, then find out which model suits your house best and complete the installation in no time.

An extremely pleasant bonus: since the heat pump system is better for the environment, the state wants to pay you for installing it. FUSE customers are eligible to heat pump rebate. Depending on where you live, you can get back up to $3000 in heat pump rebate. Moreover, there are additional rebates up to $1000 from BayRen or PG&E. This way, you can rebate around $4000! Our rebate manager can take your through all the details — you can call her at (936) 570-4050.

Get Your New HVAC System and the Heat Pump Rebate for It with FUSE!