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HVAC System Installation with Replacement with 96% Efficiency Furnace in Fremont, California

Installations & Repairs
Our licensed technicians performed a HVAC System installation with replacement in Fremont, California. The installed HVAC system has a Bryant furnace with an exceptional heating efficiency up to 96.5% AFUE. So, it's a great choice for improving cooling efficiency, and summertime humidity control.

How do you perform the HVAC System Installation with Replacement?

At the beginning, it was necessary to pull the permits for the works. Once all the paperwork was settled, it was time to start the replacement. But before the installation it was important to get rid of the old ductwork and replace it with the new one. Our technicians did it in 10 vents and one intake. Then they served:
  • A/C CONDENSERS Bryant 124ANS048000 A/C CONDENSERS Preferred™ Compact Air Conditioner 4 TON;
  • FURNACE Bryant 926TB48080V17 Preferred 96 Two Stage Gas Furnace;
  • COILS ADP C48H175P ADP Horizontal Coils Puron Refrigerant (156);
  • Air Purifier Bryant Preferred™Series EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter or Colombia - G100 Filter box.
Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this ductless HVAC System Installation. Besides, Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.
Also, if you choose Bryant, you can enjoy the extended 10 years warranty — learn the details on our website.