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New Heat Pump System Installation in Daly City, California

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Our licensed technicians have performed new heat pump system installation in Daly City, California. We do not only work with the residential houses, but with the commercial customers as well. This time the task was to put a new system in the office. Fuse specialists suggested a Bryant model. With it, you can take advantage of efficient electric heating well into the winter months with 8.2 HSPF efficiency. It is also very silent and has a DuraGuard™ protection system.

What Do You Need to Complete a New Heat Pump System Installation?

First, our techs dismounted, hauled away and the recycled the old system. Then they installed the new heat pump system according to the building standards. During this project Fuse delivered:
  • Heat pump Bryant 214DNA030P00 HEAT PUMP (LEGACY 14 SEER 8.25 HSPF HP);
  • Fan Coil FMC4 Ceiling Fan Coil 2.5 TON;
  • New ductwork installation;
  • Electric wires, conduits and breakers installation;
  • Air filter holder.

Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this heat pump system installation with replacement. Besides, Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.