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HVAC 915SB36060E14 system installation in San Jose, California

Installations & Repairs
Firstly Fuse dismounted, hauled away and recycled old HVAC-system including old ductworks. Further our specialists installed new ductworks and new duct boots according to the building standards. Besides they installed air volume dampers and moreover they checked air balance. Then our specialist installed new HVAC 915SB36060E14 system.

Either technicians installed a new furnace - Bryant 915SB36060E14 Legacy Line 95 Gas Furnace. This furnace has experienced exceptional heating efficiency up to 96.2% AFUE.
Farther technicians installed new evaporator coils according to the building standards - ADP C36H142P Horizontal Coils Puron Refrigerant (036). Also our specialists installed a new outdoor condensing unit and new refrigerant line set. They installed Bryant 105ANA030000 A/C CONDENSERS (LEGACY Up to 16 SEER PURON A/C) 2,5 TON. Moreover they installed Nest Thermostat that helps control home from the phone.

Qualified EPA certified specialists made this installation.
Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.