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How Does Licensed HVAC Contractor Conduct Work

Installations & Repairs
Fuse Service is a licensed HVAC contractor in the Bay Area. That means that we are extremely precise and responsible with each and every of our works.

What Makes a Licensed HVAC Contractor so reliable?

  • We deliver our HVAC installs strictly according to the California codes for HVAC installations, so that our customers do not have to worry about the city inspections.
  • For every work we perform, we obtain permits (unless the customer does not require it, of course).
  • All our work is of the highest professional level.
  • The warranty for the equipment is always provided — we offer 10 years warranty for Carrier assets and 12 years warranty for Mitsubishi assets.
  • Our rebate manager works hard to help our customers get the rebates for the installations.
In the table you can see all the requirements for the AC installation — and you can be sure that Fuse specialists will follow all the guidelines accurately.