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HVAC System and Ductwork Installation in Los Gatos, California

Installations & Repairs
Our licensed technicians performed a HVAC System and Ductwork Installation in Los Gatos, California. This customer was a referral from one of our previous customers — we are always happy when people recommend us to friends or family. For their house they wished a new AC with the ductwork and zoning. Also, the customer needed to remove the old ductwork from the crawlspace.

How Do You Perform HVAC System and Ductwork Installation?

First, our technicians dismounted, hauled away and recycled the old system and the ductwork. Then they served:
  • Ductwork replacement (9 vents + 1 return);
  • Heat pump Bryant 288BNV036000 HEAT PUMP (EVOLUTION 18 SEER VS SHP);
  • Air purifier Bryant Evolution™ Air Purifier EZ Access MERV15;
  • Accessories.
Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this HVAC System and Ductwork Installation. Besides, Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.