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HVAC 987MB66100C21 system installation with replacement in Los Gatos,California

Installations & Repairs
Firstly, our technicians dismounted, hauled away and recycled old insulation.  In addition they installed a new HVAC 987MB66100C21 according to the building standards so that HVAC-system installation consists of installations of new furnace, new evaporator coil, new outdoor condensing unit and new refrigerant line set.

During this project we installed:
  • Furnace - Bryant 987MB66100C21 Evolution 98 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace;
  • A/C Condensers - Bryant 186CNV060000 A/C Condensers (Evolution™ Extreme 26 Variable-speed Air Conditioner 5 Ton;
  • Coils - Bryant CNPVP6021ALA Coils (Evap Coil R-410A W/TXV UP "N" All Aluminum);            
  • Control Your Home From Your Phone - Bryant Evolution® Connex™ ControlModel SYSTXBBECC01-B;
  • Air Purifier - Bryant Evolution™ Air Purifier.

Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this service, besides Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.