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HVAC 214DNA036000 system installation with heat pump replacement in San Jose, California

Installations & Repairs
Firstly Fuse dismounted, hauled away and recycled old HVAC system and then installed new HVAC 214DNA036000. So our specialists installed Heat Pump - Bryant 214DNA036000 HEAT PUMP (LEGACY 14 SEER 8.25 HSPF HP). This Heat Pump has experienced exceptional heating efficiency 4 SEER/12 EER.

Farther technicians installed new Fan Coils according to the building standards. They installed Carrier FMC4Z3600AL FMC4Z and FPMA - Ceiling Fan Coil 3TON. Moreover they installed Nest Thermostat that helps control A/C and Heat from smartphone.

Qualified EPA certified specialists made this installation.
Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.