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HVAC 284ANV036000 installation in San Jose, California

Installations & Repairs
Firstly Fuse dismounted, hauled away and recycled old HVAC system and then installed new HVAC 284ANV036000.
So technicians Heat Pump - Bryant 284ANV036000 HEAT PUMP (EVOLUTION™ EXTREME 24 VARIABLE-SPEED HEAT PUMP). This heat pump has Quiet Mode feature to cap sound levels at 69 dBA and extreme humidity control. Farther technicians installed new FAN COILS according to the building standards - Bryant FE4ANF003L00 FAN COILS (EVOLUTION, FC, MP, PURON). Besides they installed Air Purifier - Bryant Evolution™ Air Purifier. Moreover they installed Bryant Evolution® Connex™ ControlModel SYSTXBBECC01-B that helps control home from the phone.
Qualified EPA certified specialists made this installation.
Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.