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Bryant Heat Pump System Installation in San Jose, California

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Our qualified technicians performed a Bryant Heat Pump System installation in San Jose, California. The customer had a Trane system which they wanted to replace because it was not efficient for the household enough. The family decided to go for a Bryant model. It is famous for its extreme humidity control — the heat pump can remove up to 400% more moisture than standard systems.

How Do You Perform Bryant Heat Pump System Installation?

First, our technicians dismounted, hauled away and recycled the old system. Then they installed a new system according to the building standards. During this project we served:
  • Heat pump Bryant 284ANV060000 (EVOLUTION™ EXTREME 24 VARIABLE-SPEED);
  • Fan coils Bryant FE4ANF006000 (EVOLUTION,FC,MP,PURON);
  • Bryant Evolution® Connex™ ControlModel SYSTXBBECC01-B;
  • Bryant Preferred™Series EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter or Colombia — S150 Filter box.
Also the customer wished to be protected, so they got our HVAC Residential VIP Maintenance subscription. With it we provide regular maintenance of the unit, 15% discount for repair or any additional service and much more — check out the details on our website.
Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.