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Mitsubishi HVAC Mini Split System Installation in Los Altos, California

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Our licensed technicians performed a Mitsubishi HVAC mini split system installation in Los Altos, California. The customer aimed to achieve a nice level of their garage cooling. So, our techs suggested installing a Mitsubishi MZ-GL18NA. With an included wireless remote controller, this system is the perfect combination of convenience and comfort for any heating or cooling application.

How do you perform a Mitsubishi HVAC mini split system installation?

Since there was no previous HVAC system in the customer’s garage, our techs could start the job straight away. During this project they delivered:
  • Mitsubishi 18k BTU GL-Series Outdoor Condenser — Single Zone Only (MUZ-GL18NA-U1);
  • Mitsubishi GL-Series 18k BTU Wall Mounted Unit — For Multi or Single-Zone (MSZ-GL18NA-U1);
  • Breaker;
  • PVC pipes and fittings for the condensate line;
  • Other materials needed for a Mitsubishi HVAC mini split system installation.
Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this installation. Besides, Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.