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Do Not Install AC in Summer

Did you know what is the best time to install AC? Well, now. It is logical that in winter the AC is not the most popular asset to obtain. Usually people do not even think about getting one in cold months because they are more concerned about keeping warm than cooling down. But in fact it is much cheaper to get an air conditioner in winter. And not only this.

How Do You Benefit If You Install AC in Winter?

You gain a lot by choosing the low season for you AC installation. Here is your definitive list of benefits of installing an AC during cold months:
  • Easier to book an appointment. HVAC contractors are super busy during the cooling season, but in winter their schedule is normally pretty chill. You'll have no problems getting a technician in the most convenient time;
  • Energy savings. By installing HVAC system in winter you ensure the cheapest price for the most efficient system out there. That means that you will be able to get the energy-saving benefits on an efficient HVAC system for the next seasons;
  • All good and ready! You will be prepared when the temperature starts to go up and will not have to worry about the replacement of the AC. As they say — hatch your roof before the rain begins!

Stay cool in summer by thinking cool in winter. If you are looking to install AC, winter might as well be the best season to do so. And any time you decide to get a new system, FUSE can help you.

Drop us an email at support@fuseservice.com or call (408) 721-2530. Our estimators will gladly help you choose your new brilliant AC system. And if you are not inspired enough, check out this brand new AC that we installed recently.