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Mitsubishi 36k Heat Pump installation in Santa Clara,CA

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Firstly, our technicians dismounted, hauled away and recycled old insulation.  In addition they installed a new Mitsubishi 36k Heat Pump installation according to the building standards so that HVAC-system installation consist of installations of new furnace, new evaporator coil, new outdoor condensing unit and new refrigerant line set.

During this project we installed:
Mitsubishi - 36k BTU Cooling + Heating - P-Series Multi-Position Air Handler Air Conditioning System - 19.3 SEER:
  • Outdoor Condenser - Mitsubishi - 36k BTU - P-Series Outdoor Condenser - Single Zone Only (PUZ-A36NKA7);
  • Air Handler - Mitsubishi - 36k BTU - P-Series Multi-Position Air Handler (PVA-A36AA7);
  • Mitsubishi Controls and Accessories - Mitsubishi Wireless Programmable RedLINK Thermostat & Receiver Kit.

Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this service, besides Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for Mitsubishi 36k Heat Pump installation labor.